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Entertainment Education

Alka Malhotra

the session on EE formats was very interesting... where can I get the presentation?

0 Replies 0 Loves Dec 08, 2022 12:58 AM
Mrs. ochuole mercy barka

Nice connecting

0 Replies 0 Loves Dec 06, 2022 10:03 AM
Ms. Rina Dey

Excited to be part of the summit 

0 Replies 1 Love Dec 02, 2022 04:13 AM
Ms. Caroline Jacoby

We are getting excited for the summit.  Check out the new Summit EE Webpage

0 Replies 1 Love Nov 15, 2022 09:16 PM
Dr. Paul Falzone

Here's a resource that may be of interest! The collection Entertainment-Education Behind the Scenes: Case Studies for Theory and Practice, includes many of the leading figures in the EE field (list below) and is now available as a FREE download anywhere in the world from the Palgrave Macmillan website:

Contributing authors:
Amy Henderson Riley, Anna Colquhoun, Arvind Singhal, Carlos Chirinos-Espin, Caty Borum Chattoo, Charlotte Lapansky, Donald Green, Drew Bernard, Erika Lynn Rosenthal, Gosia Lukomska, Helen Hua Wang, Jessica Wendorf Muhamad, Jessica Taylor Piotrowski, Joseph Cappella, Joyee Chatterjee, Kate Folb, Lauren Frank, LeeAnn Sangalang, Marisa Jahn, Martine Bouman, Melanie Green, Michael Cody, Miguel Sabido, Muk Yin Haung Nyoi, Negussie Teffera, Paul Falzone, Radharani Mitra, Ragini Pasricha, Rafael Obregon, Sally Gowland, Sarah Francis, Sebastián Cole, Sheila Murphy, Sonia Whitehead, Suruchi Sood, Van Sui Thawng, William Ryerson, & Yotam Ophir.

2 Replies 4 Loves Nov 09, 2022 10:45 PM
Ms. Wanjiru Mathenge

Thank you for this resource!

1 Love Nov 15, 2022 02:20 PM
Mrs. ochuole mercy barka


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