Introducing: Lunchtime Meetups

February 24, 2020

Among the new features of the 2020 SBCC Summit: Lunchtime Meetups

This casual way to connect with fellow Summit attendees will take place at lunch hour Tuesday through Friday during the Summit. These attendee-led gatherings are a way for those interested in exploring a topic in an informal way outside of the Summit program to come together.

Just bring your boxed lunch and join a conversation!

Attendees are asked to propose a topic for these meetups, which will be held in session rooms. There will be no audiovisual equipment (AV), microphones, screens, or flip charts available during these 45-minute meetups. The goal is to provide space for attendees to have lunch and to connect with colleagues who share similar interests. Meetups will end promptly 15 minutes before the Summit program agenda resumes to give the IT technicians time to set up presentations in the rooms where they are taking place.

The time, location and topic for each meetup will be displayed on the Summit's online program available on the Summit website and on the Summit app. Feel free to promote the meetup on your social media channels and on the Discussion Board on the Summit's website. 

Topics will be crowdsourced, so please use this form to suggest a meetup topic.

Deadline to suggest a topic is October 2.